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When you’re ready to buy a home for yourself, or as an investment, it is essential to know that it has a clear title and is free of claims, liens or other complications that may affect the legal ownership of the property.

The Importance of Title Insurance

Despite a thorough search of public records, occasional title issues may arise, such as a previous owner not paying a contractor, forgery of documentation or unpaid homeowners association dues. Obtaining title insurance protects you and your heirs for as long as you own the property. The title company stands behind you with financial and legal defense if a problem does arise.

What A Title Insurance Attorney Can Do For You

Finding out whether a title is clear is something an experienced real estate attorney can do efficiently, even though the complex process includes reviewing satisfactions, surveys, payoffs, municipal lien searches, and homeowner and condominium associations estoppel letters. Other related services that the Law Offices of Annette Lopez, P.A. offers include coordinating, scheduling and conducting the closing, analyzing legal actions against the property, and recording title related documents.

Let the Law Offices of Annette Lopez, P.A. Assist You

As a title agent, we know how important it is for you to have peace of mind following the selling, buying or refinancing of a home. We can assist with all aspects of the title search to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly. Whether you need help with obtaining title insurance, ensuring that the home’s title is free and clear or if you need assistance related to the closing of your home, or need an Opinion of Title, we are ready to help. Having spent her whole career practicing real estate law, Attorney Annette Lopez is able to process title files quickly and efficiently so that you can get problems, if any, resolved immediately and finalize your transaction as soon as possible.

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