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Why hire a Florida real estate attorney?

When involved in any Florida real estate transaction, guidance from an experienced real estate attorney can make all the difference.  Our clients include buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, owners, landlord, and commercial tenants.  With all real estate transactions, the services of a capable and responsive real estate attorney is often critical to success. Our services include representation with:

  • Purchase and sale agreements – whether you are buying residential or commercial property, we can prepare agreements, review existing agreements, and ensure an efficient closing process. We also assist clients buying and selling businesses.

  • Closings – whether you are closing on a single-family residence, a multi-unit property or a commercial property, we tackle the deal as a closing and title agent to ensure a smooth transaction and clear title.

  • Refinancing – Whether a homeowner or business, we can provide the legal representation you need to understand the terms of your new loan, work with your lender, issue title, and guide you through your refinancing closing.

  • Lease Representation – lease agreements for residential or commercial property are important to both landlord and tenant.. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we can help with negotiating, drafting and reviewing leases.

  • Homesteading – We are well versed in the Florida Homestead Act and can guide you through the process of protecting your home.

  • Titles and deeds – whether you need a title review prior to closing, title insurance, a Quit Claim Deed, an Opinion of Title, or Warranty Deed, Attorney Lopez can offer her guidance.

  • We can also assist with the preparation of contractor and subcontractor agreements, survey review, powers of attorney, contractor affidavits, developer contracts, entity resolutions, and other real estate related matters.

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