Real Estate

When you are involved in any type of a real estate transaction, it is helpful to have the services of a qualified South Florida real estate attorney who understands the various laws and how they may impact your transaction. In addition to the financial complexities of a real estate transaction, there are many legal considerations as well.

Why hire a South Florida real estate attorney?

Whether you are considering buying or renting a home, plan to purchase commercial property or you are facing issues that pertain to the land you already own, you need a smart and savvy real estate lawyer on your side. Some of the types of Florida real estate law that Attorney Annette Lopez, P.A. can assist you with include:

  • Purchase and sale agreements – whether you are buying residential or commercial property, we can help draft agreements or review existing agreements. We can also help with the purchase and sales of a business
  • Closings – whether you are closing on a single family residence, a multi-unit property, or a commercial property, we’ll handle your transaction as a closing and title agent to ensure a smooth transaction and clear title
  • Lease issues – leasing agreements for your residential or commercial property are important. They spell out the terms that both the tenant and landlord agree to. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we can help with reviewing leases or when needed, negotiations involving a lease
  • Homesteading – homesteads are an important part of protecting the equity in your home. If you need help filing the right papers under the Florida Homestead Act, we can guide you through the process
  • Titles and deeds – whether you need a title review prior to closing, title insurance, a Quit Claim Deed, or Warranty Deed, the Law Offices of Annette Lopez can help

Sometimes, real estate issues crop up and involve litigation. You need a lawyer who is on your side. Attorney Annette Lopez, P.A. can help you with all types of real estate litigation including:

  • Eminent domain & inverse condemnation – when the government seeks to take your property or impedes your ownership rights, we are your fiercest advocate
  • Property disputes – whether it is a quiet title acation, a boundary dispute or other property rights action, we have the know-how to represent your needs
  • Landlord/tenant disputes – whether your tenant is trying to break their lease, has damaged your property or has failed to pay rent necessitating an eviction, we’re here to help
  • Contract disputes – when contracts go wrong between buyers and sellers, an escrow deposit is at issue, or when someone questions the legality of a clause in your real estate contract, you need an attorney who will help protect your rights

Contact Attorney Annette Lopez, P.A. for all your real estate transactions or real estate litigation needs.